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Is a water absorption rate of 21.2% in Aquapanel Cement Board Outdoor suitable for exterior usage, given that moisture-resistant gypsum board for interior use has a lower absorption rate of 5%?

Typically, the water absorption value is crucial for materials like gypsum boards, fiber cement, calcium silicate, etc., as exposure to water or humidity can lead to material damage and early deterioration of the boards.

However, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor sets itself apart by being composed of a cement mixture, lightweight aggregates, and water. The board is reinforced on both sides with alkali-resistant glass fiber scrim embedded in a cement slurry. Because the board is entirely made of inorganic materials, water has no impact on its physical properties. To demonstrate this resilience, the boards undergo testing according to the EN 12467 standard. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor is classified as category B according to the EN 12467.

"Category B" signifies sheets designed for applications where exposure to heat, moisture, and occasional frost may occur, with protection from severe weathering conditions or no exposure to such conditions.

In adherence to EN 12467 standards, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor successfully passes various water resistance tests for category B boards, including:
• Water impermeability
• Warm water
• Soak-dry-25 cycles
Freeze-thaw - 25 cycles
Heat-rain-25 cycles

For more details, refer to the product description and the EN 12467 standard. I hope this clarifies the information for you.