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What fire resistances can I achieve with the Knauf Exterior Wall systems?

Information regarding planning, construction requirements and timed fire resistance, depending on components configuration.

Preventive structural fire protection has to meet the following planning and construction requirements:

  • Fire risk is reduced if as many non-flammable building materials as possible are used.
  • In the event of a fire, people within the building must be able to leave the building safely. The required fire resistance protection required for each type of building is in most countries regulated.
  • The construction must be such that its structure remains stable sufficiently long in the event of fire, and prevents spread of fire and smoke to other buildings or other parts of the building for long enough.
  • The behavior of AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor constructions in the event of a fire has been proven by extensive fire tests.

Regarding fire resistances:

With the different facade systems using AQUAPANEL® Technology, it is possible to achieve fire resistances from 45 to 120 minutes, depending on their components and configuration.

For simple Single stud system, it is EI 45 Minutes (see your local norm).

For double stud system with steel and wood, it is EI 120 Minutes (see your local norm).

If you require a particular fire resistance for your project, please contact the AQUAPANEL® Central Engeneering to determine the best solution.

Regarding fire bridges on the facade:

It should be done by architect/specialist planer fire safety, taking into account building permits and approval as well as fire safety concept and certification.