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  2. Knauf Exterior Wall with AQUAPANEL® Technology

What finishing options are possible for Knauf Exterior Wall with AQUAPANEL® Technology?

The versatility of the system allows multiple options to help you achieve stunning surfaces and amazing finishes. From renders, adhered materials and ventilated facades.

Compatible with an extensive range of surface finishes, from paint and renders,
through to adhered materials like clinker bricks, tiles or glass elements, Knauf Exterior
Wall solutions offer unlimited scope for creative expression. Even a variety of cladding
systems can be realised, resulting in very thin ventilated constructions, because the
required insulation is already integrated inside the drywall.


Broom finish Combing technique Concrete look
Fine sponged render Floated render Groove render
Modelling render Paint finish Pebble dash
Variegated stone wall render

Adhered materials:

Ceramic facing bricks Clinker bricks Glass elements
Mosaic tiles Sandstein design

Ventilated facades on drywall constructions:

Aluminium panels Ceramic tiles Glass panels
Granite plates High-pressure compact laminate